Lead Stylist

hair extensions

Addie has been in the hair industry since 2006. She is very passionate about her career and how it allows her to be creatively artistic. She enjoys incorporating her client’s needs, visions and personality into their overall look, while at the same time giving them input she has learned throughout her work history and training. Keeping her clients’ at Concrete Image Salon hair beautiful and healthy is a priority and she does so by using the appropriate products and tools. Addie is constantly keeping herself up to date with the latest trends while having fun and ensuring her clients leave with a smile on their face. Not only is she an overall amazing stylist, she also specializes in Hair Extensions and Eyelash extensions.

Addie is a Certified PerfecTress Hair Extensions Specialist. All hair extensions and eyelash extensions consultations are complimentary. Call her at (320)-529-0400 or visit us at 215 3rd Street NE,Waite, Park, MN


Women’s Hair Cut $45
Men’s Hair Cut $31
Bang Trim $12
Kids Hair Cut $25
Basebreaker $70
Full Head Color $75
Full Head Hilite $90
Partial Hilite $75
Balayage / Ombre $95
Perm $85
Style $35
Updo $65
Brow Wax $15
Extensions $100/hr